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Girls Like Bass - with House of Halluncination

Raw footage of show open

Girls Like Bass - Come On

featuring Monstah Black
at Fontana's NYC

Girls Like Bass Showreel 2014
Pleasure Mystic Futuristic - Album Teaser - Coming 2014!!
"Be Mine Tonight" Featuring Cherisse Bradley

Brooklyn Arts Council Show under the Manhattan Bridge for Dumbo First Thursdays


Lei-lani 756: Co-Songwriter/Electronics/Vocals | Lizard: Guitars/Vocals/Video Editor | Cherisse Bradley: Vocals
Jessica E. Lee: Co-Songwriter

Hector Perez (The AlieNation) Costume Design | Benton C. Bainbridge: video mix and projections | Derek Sweeney Kesler: Lasers



Lei-lani 756: Songwriter/Electronics/Vocals | Lizard: Guitars/Vocals/Video Editor | Monstah Black: Songwriter/Vocals

Hector Perez (The AlieNation) Costume Design | wetcircuit: video mix and projections | Mikhail Torich: Lighting/Camera